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Products for hoof and claws care

In the sixties the establishments Bartko started to produce scissors for claws and hoofs. Up to then the tools were improved permanently, so that we can offer you the best products today.

We fell in with the wishes of our customers, so that we developed a scissor, which made it possible to remove all horn parts of the hoof (sole and side). That is why it is possible, to remove small as well as extensive horn parts without injuring or crushing the leather skin of the hoofs like the claws.

The method of scissoring is very advantageous for young horses and ponies (scissor size 3), because they would not make it possible to work on their hoofs with a blade as well as a hammer in regard of the harsh concussion. The hoof caring and correction of young horses is not anymore imaginable without these scissors.

At the beginning of the seventies the production of the mechanical utensils for claw caring was started. These ones are used in big plants or places for veterinary treatment.

The tool for claw caring consists of a cup for rasping, a holder and is driven by flexible driving shaft with an electromotor. With this utensil it is possible to do a quick treatment and correction. Then in the nineties it was tried to propel the cup for rasping with different methods.

more information:

scissors for claw type B
to correct claws and hoofs
scissors for claw size 1
17,7 inches (45 cm) to correct claws and hoofs
scissors for claw size 2
to correct claws and hoofs
scissors for claw size 3
to correct claws and hoofs for ponies
shock knife
to correct claws and hoofs
Mechanical rasp for horns
for caring of claws and hoofs
mechanical trail disc
for caring of claws and hoofs

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