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altes Foto der Gesenkschmiede von Ralf Bartko In the year 1926 Max Bartko got his smith´s shop in
the village Dohma.

For the the farmers he repaired their agricultural
devices, produced new ones and traded with
farming machines and engines.

He was a recognized farrier.

In the following years his stock of machines increased. He buyed different
power presses and powered hammers. Because of that, the small smith´s shop
developed into a bigger crafts enterprise for forging. It was possible for him
now to produce in bigger series.

His program of production consists among other things of blank valves,
levers and spark horns. In the year 1968 his oldest son Gerhard took over the
smithy until 1987. After this period of time Ralf, his grandson, started to carry
on the family´s shop. He adapted on the economical situation and manufactured
parts for the building and also smaller series for general industry. For the
private customers he offered products out of the forger´s and smithy´s work.

In the year 1995 master smithy Fritz Barko from Krebs hand over completely
his range of products (tools for claw care ) to the smith's shop in Dohma.

The value of experience of the long standing tradition combined with
modernizing of the equipment, makes it possible to react quickly to the various
wishes of customers and their punctual as well as their quality-fair fullfilment.

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